Die! Mommy! Die!



September 26 – October 19, 2008
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 6pm
Le Chat Noir, 715 St. Charles Avenue


or call 504 581 5812 to make reservations
Tickets: $26 Friday & Saturday, $21 Sunday

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This week’s bar special: We want to bail you out of the doldrums and invest in your good time! Come in and forget Wall Street with $5 martinis and $2 beer while supplies last!

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Read our great reviews–yes, plural!–in the Times-Picayune & Ambush:
TP article #1 ·   TP article #2 ·   Ambush (pgs 15 & 16)

And for those curious about the show, here’s our new trailer:

And the opening credits:

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Running With Scissors returns to the stage with the New Orleans premiere of the killer camp comedy DIE! MOMMY! DIE! Written by Charles Busch—author of the hugely successful Psycho Beach PartyDIE! MOMMY! DIE! is a pitch-perfect parody of over-the-top horror flicks of the 1960s. It’s like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane meets Straightjacket meets The Big Cube!

DIE! MOMMY! DIE! tells the story of Angela Arden (Brian Peterson), a fading songbird and eternal glamourpuss married to has-been movie producer Sol Sussman (Bob Edes, Jr.). Between her loveless relationship, her spiteful daughter, Edith (Dorian Rush), her precocious, addled son, Lance (Dwayne Sepcich), and her bitter, bible-quoting housekeeper, Bootsie (Jack Long), Angela is at her wit’s end. But just in the nick of time, Angela finds love—or lust!—in the arms of hunky tennis pro Tony Parker (Leon Contavesprie). Will they achieve their dream of starting new lives together? Or will Edith and Lance send Angela on a different kind of trip? And is no one immune to the seductive effects of Tony and his “big rumor”? Join us at Le Chat Noir to find out!

DIE! MOMMY! DIE! was written by Charles Busch, with a set by Brad Caldwell, costumes by Kate Jensen, wigs by Brian Peterson, and props by Liz Zibilich.

* * * * *

or call 504 581 5812 to make reservations
Tickets: $26 Friday & Saturday, $21 Sunday

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