MILDRED DEAREST: This June At Le Chat Noir!


Running With Scissors presents…
A side-splitting send-up of mommies, daughters, dirt, and dry cleaners

June 10 – 26 at Cabaret Le Chat Noir
Visit or call 504 581 5812!

Clean your rooms and scrub those floors: Running With Scissors declares war on dirt and dull evenings with a knock-down, drag-out tribute to one of Hollywood’s greatest legends in MILDRED DEAREST!

Thirty years after the hammy, glammy movie debut of Christina Crawford’s tell-all memoir, MOMMIE DEAREST, Running With Scissors brings Joan Crawford back to life in a comedy about Tinseltown’s hardest-working actress. At the ripe old age of 38, Joan is faced with a shrinking number of roles and an ego that just keeps growing. Finally, she catches a break and scores the lead in MILDRED FIERCE — a role that’s sure to win her an Academy Award. But the shimmer of Joan’s Oscar statuette soon tarnishes, and no amount of scrubbing can restore its sparkle.

Gasp in horror as Joan tries to fill the void in her life with babies and beefcake (not necessarily in that order)! Sob as she showers daughter and son with love and party dresses, only to be shunned! Will Joan manage to stay astride the bucking bronco of superstardom? Or will she end up bitter and abandoned on a beach somewhere in Southern California? Tune in this June and find out!


MILDRED DEAREST stars Brad Caldwell, Jack Long, and Lisa Picone, with Dorian Rush as Christina and Brian Peterson as Joan Crawford. Costumes are by Kent Roby, props by Liz Zibilich, video by Todd Perley, and sets by Brad Caldwell. The show was adapted by the cast from the movie MILDRED PIERCE (the 1945 original, obviously), the book and movie MOMMIE DEAREST, and a handful of well-known Hollywood flicks — with and without Miss Crawford.

MILDRED DEAREST runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 6pm, from June 10 – June 26. All performances are at Cabaret Le Chat Noir, located at 715 St. Charles Avenue, in the heart of New Orleans’ arts district. (Off-street parking is available.) Tickets are $26 Fridays and Saturdays or $21 Sundays, and can be purchased at or by calling 504 581 5812.

(NOTE: The opening performance on Friday, June 10 is hosted by the Mystic Krewe of Satyricon. For tickets to that performance only, please call 504 525 4498.)

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