Hell’s Belles: The Reviews Are In!

Critics and audiences alike have been laughing their hoop skirts off at HELL’S BELLES! Check out these two great reviews:

“In the hands of the Running With Scissors troupe, this ‘comic cocktail of the Confederacy’ becomes a hearty dose of Southern Gothic, with a splash of Grand Guignol excesses. The result is an over-the-top journey of laughs that we’ve regularly come to expect from Running With Scissors.”
— Ted Mahne, Times-Picayune

Hell’s Belles…is an antebellum Southern Gothic tale, but you’re more likely to come across a harlot than a Scarlett at this Tara.”
— Dalt Wonk, Gambit Weekly

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One thought on “Hell’s Belles: The Reviews Are In!

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