Hell’s Belles: Held Over Through June 29!

HELL'S BELLES, extended through June 29!Holy samolians: HELL’S BELLES has been held over through June 29! That means you’ve got two more chances to see Running With Scissors’ original comedy that the critics are raving about!

As a special treat, company member Richard Read will appear in the role of Major Ashley Wood for the final two performances on June 28 and 29. Richard is usually reluctant to set foot onstage, so as one of our cast members put it, “this is like someone offering you a chance to spot a unicorn”. Which would be a fair assessment, if only unicorns looked like beardy gay guys paralyzed by stage fright.

Come see the hilarity at Mid-City Theatre! You can purchase tickets by clicking here or by calling 504-488-1460.

We’ll see you at the show!

2 thoughts on “Hell’s Belles: Held Over Through June 29!

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