Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas returns! (Well, kinda!)

Happy holidays from Running With Scissors!

So many of y’all have asked what Grenadine McGunkle is up to nowadays. Well, you’ll be happy to know that she and Gladys have been doing Zumba down at the Pittsville YWCA and loving every minute of it. Punkin, Madge, and Mailman Johnny are taking a correspondence course to become Instagram influencers (which is a thing you can do nowadays, I reckon). And Crystal and China almost made it onto America’s Got Talent, but thankfully the FCC intervened.

For all y’all who miss holiday visits with the residents of the Everlasting Arms Motor Park, we have good news: someone had the good sense to write a book about Grenadine and all her friends–and through December 25, you can download your own copy for free, so long as you’re comfortable reading on a Kindle or the Kindle app. (If you need a hard copy, they’ve got that too, but it’ll cost a bit.)

Now, we know that reading a book ain’t the same as seeing our cast cut up on stage, but until we find a theatre that can accommodate a dozen jumbo-size wigs, seven light-up reindeer (Prancer finally met his maker, bless his heart), and our new and improved ukulele orchestra, this is the best we can do. We hope you enjoy it, and we hope to see y’all soon!

xoxo Running With Scissors

Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas!


Grenadine McGunkle's Double-Wide Christmas 2014

Running With Scissors serves up a heaping helping of holiday hijinks

December 5 – 21 at MidCity Theatre, 3540 Toulouse Street
Fridays/Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 6pm
Tickets: $25 (Friday/Saturday) and $20 (Sunday)
Visit or call 504-488-1460

It’s that time of year again — time to pin some mistletoe in your biggest wig, put a six-pack of PBR on ice, and mosey on down to the Everlasting Arms Motor Park for another hilarious installment of Running With Scissors’ holiday hit, Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas!

After a long day of shopping at the Piggly Wiggly, Grenadine (Dorian Rush), finds herself alone on Christmas Eve. Most of her neighbors are gone, her husband’s in the grave (last she checked), and her son’s in jail. Again. Looks like our heroine will have to prepare tomorrow’s holiday dinner all by herself. Thankfully, Grenadine’s trusty gal-pal, Gladys Finkelstein (Brooklyn Shaffer) is still around to share a little of the work — and a few sips of “merriment”.

But just as the two are settling into a nice, quiet evening at the trailer park, here come Grenadine’s cousins/stepsisters, China and Crystal (Ashley Ricord Santos and Lisa Picone Love). They’ve been booted off of their NASCAR concert tour with Ray Stevens, Crystal’s third marriage has been annulled — don’t ask — and they’re in the mood for love, so they’ve set up a holiday speed-dating party this very night!

Will Grenadine and the gang find romance on such short notice? Will Maillady Joanne Shoemake (Bob Edes Jr.) find a snuggie that fits? Will Helen Highwater (Jack Long) find fame and fortune on reality television before landing in jail on obscenity charges? And who is this mysterious, handsome stranger (Kyle Daigrepont) in their midst?  Find out this December as Running With Scissors brings New Orleans’ trashiest, flashiest, all-around sassiest interfaith holiday musical extravaganza to MidCity Theatre.

Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from December 5 – 21. Shows are Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 6pm. All performances are at MidCity Theatre, 3540 Toulouse Street, New Orleans. Tickets are $25 (Friday/Saturday) and $20 (Sunday) and can be reserved at or 504-488-1460.

Running With Scissors’ cast of cut-ups includes Dorian Rush, Brooklyn Shaffer, Ashley Ricord Santos, Lisa Picone Love, Bob Edes Jr., Jack Long, and Kyle Daigrepont. The show was written by Richard Read and the cast.

March 14-22: Bacharach & Bingo!

Bacharach & Bingo

Strap on your bell bottoms and widen your lapels: Running With Scissors is taking you back in time to meet the man at the center of the 1970s, Burt Bacharach!
It’s a swinging Saturday night, and Burt’s pad is packed with all the stars of the day: Dionne Warwick, Richard Chamberlain, Angie Dickinson, Jane Fonda, Herb Alpert — everyone but Burt, who’s locked himself in the bathroom. (Poor guy has a habit of doing that.)
But no matter, we’ve got a host with the most (Jack Long) to regale you with Hollywood gossip and a talented crew of crooners (Sean PattersonLisa Picone,Dorian Rush, and The Kentucky Sisters) to belt Bacharach’s best-known tunes, from “Close to You” to “Say a Little Prayer” and all points in-between. And just for the heck of it, we’ve thrown in a few rounds of Bingo and some nifty prizes. (We don’t know why, it just seemed to go with Burt’s snazzy vibe.)
Order your favorite cocktail from the bar, grab a Bingo card or two, and enjoy a night of BACHARACH AND BINGO! as part of Mid-City Theatre’s month-long celebration of cabaret.


BACHARACH AND BINGO! runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from March 14 – 22 at Mid-City Theatre, 3540 Toulouse Street, New Orleans. Showtimes are 8pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 6pm Sundays. Tickets are $25 Fridays and Saturdays, $20 on Sundays, and can be purchased at or 504 488 1460.

BACHARACH AND BINGO was written by Jack Long, with music by Burt Bacharach and Hal David (obviously). The show is produced by Running With Scissors.