Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas!


Grenadine McGunkle's Double-Wide Christmas 2014

Running With Scissors serves up a heaping helping of holiday hijinks

December 5 – 21 at MidCity Theatre, 3540 Toulouse Street
Fridays/Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 6pm
Tickets: $25 (Friday/Saturday) and $20 (Sunday)
Visit or call 504-488-1460

It’s that time of year again — time to pin some mistletoe in your biggest wig, put a six-pack of PBR on ice, and mosey on down to the Everlasting Arms Motor Park for another hilarious installment of Running With Scissors’ holiday hit, Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas!

After a long day of shopping at the Piggly Wiggly, Grenadine (Dorian Rush), finds herself alone on Christmas Eve. Most of her neighbors are gone, her husband’s in the grave (last she checked), and her son’s in jail. Again. Looks like our heroine will have to prepare tomorrow’s holiday dinner all by herself. Thankfully, Grenadine’s trusty gal-pal, Gladys Finkelstein (Brooklyn Shaffer) is still around to share a little of the work — and a few sips of “merriment”.

But just as the two are settling into a nice, quiet evening at the trailer park, here come Grenadine’s cousins/stepsisters, China and Crystal (Ashley Ricord Santos and Lisa Picone Love). They’ve been booted off of their NASCAR concert tour with Ray Stevens, Crystal’s third marriage has been annulled — don’t ask — and they’re in the mood for love, so they’ve set up a holiday speed-dating party this very night!

Will Grenadine and the gang find romance on such short notice? Will Maillady Joanne Shoemake (Bob Edes Jr.) find a snuggie that fits? Will Helen Highwater (Jack Long) find fame and fortune on reality television before landing in jail on obscenity charges? And who is this mysterious, handsome stranger (Kyle Daigrepont) in their midst?  Find out this December as Running With Scissors brings New Orleans’ trashiest, flashiest, all-around sassiest interfaith holiday musical extravaganza to MidCity Theatre.

Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from December 5 – 21. Shows are Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 6pm. All performances are at MidCity Theatre, 3540 Toulouse Street, New Orleans. Tickets are $25 (Friday/Saturday) and $20 (Sunday) and can be reserved at or 504-488-1460.

Running With Scissors’ cast of cut-ups includes Dorian Rush, Brooklyn Shaffer, Ashley Ricord Santos, Lisa Picone Love, Bob Edes Jr., Jack Long, and Kyle Daigrepont. The show was written by Richard Read and the cast.

March 14-22: Bacharach & Bingo!

Bacharach & Bingo

Strap on your bell bottoms and widen your lapels: Running With Scissors is taking you back in time to meet the man at the center of the 1970s, Burt Bacharach!
It’s a swinging Saturday night, and Burt’s pad is packed with all the stars of the day: Dionne Warwick, Richard Chamberlain, Angie Dickinson, Jane Fonda, Herb Alpert — everyone but Burt, who’s locked himself in the bathroom. (Poor guy has a habit of doing that.)
But no matter, we’ve got a host with the most (Jack Long) to regale you with Hollywood gossip and a talented crew of crooners (Sean PattersonLisa Picone,Dorian Rush, and The Kentucky Sisters) to belt Bacharach’s best-known tunes, from “Close to You” to “Say a Little Prayer” and all points in-between. And just for the heck of it, we’ve thrown in a few rounds of Bingo and some nifty prizes. (We don’t know why, it just seemed to go with Burt’s snazzy vibe.)
Order your favorite cocktail from the bar, grab a Bingo card or two, and enjoy a night of BACHARACH AND BINGO! as part of Mid-City Theatre’s month-long celebration of cabaret.


BACHARACH AND BINGO! runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from March 14 – 22 at Mid-City Theatre, 3540 Toulouse Street, New Orleans. Showtimes are 8pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 6pm Sundays. Tickets are $25 Fridays and Saturdays, $20 on Sundays, and can be purchased at or 504 488 1460.

BACHARACH AND BINGO was written by Jack Long, with music by Burt Bacharach and Hal David (obviously). The show is produced by Running With Scissors.

Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas!

Grenadine 2013

Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas!
December 6 – 22 at Mid-City Theatre, 3540 Toulouse Street
Fridays/Saturdays at 8:30pm, Sundays at 6:00pm
Tickets: $25 (Friday/Saturday) and $20 (Sunday)
Click here to order now or call 504-488-1460!

Lord a-mercy: it’s the evening of the eighth bi-annual Miss Hogwalla County Beauty Pageant, and our heroine, Grenadine McGunkle (Dorian Rush), is a nervous wreck. She needs to bring her A-game if she’s going to snatch victory from the jaws of her ruthless cousins/step-sisters, Crystal and China Pitts (Lisa PiconeAshley Ricord Santos) and the musically unmatchable mailman Johnny Shoemake (Bob Edes Jr.), but the poor woman hasn’t even had time to plug in her curling iron. And as if she weren’t under enough pressure, rumors are a-swirling that her idol, Paula Deen, will be one of the judges! 
Can gal-pals Gladys Finkelstein (Brooklyn Shaffer) and Madge McGillicuddy (Elizabeth Pearce) keep Grenadine cool as a cucumber? Will pageant president Ronald Dump and his assistant, Elmer (Kyle Daigrepont, Patrick Flynn), ever stop belly-achin’? Will Madge’s ukulele-totin’ daughters (The Kentucky Sisters) recover from their stint in the world’s first cruelty-free circus? And what are the fire code regulations for flaming batons in a trailer park, anyway? 
Find out this December as Running With Scissors makes a mad dash for musical merriment at Mid-City Theatre!

October 18 – 27: Miss Gulch Returns!

Miss Gulch Returns!

“A show for the ages… a score full of sophisticated comedy numbers that would make Cole Porter proud… the lyrics are so cleverly constructed, the rhyme schemes so elegantly intricate, and the messages so rich and ripe that they make a mockery of most of today’s Broadway show scores.” –

Poor Almira Gulch! In The Wizard of Oz, the crotchety cantankerous Kansan intrigued and intimidated us, but she never got to tell her side of story. She’s remained poorly understood, grossly underestimated, and vastly unappreciated.

Through the decades, frustrated fans have hungered for solutions to the mysteries surrounding Miss Gulch. Why does she ride that bike? What does she have against neighborhood girls and their little dogs, too? What becomes of her after that tornado? And most of all: who’s the real woman beneath that ferocious facade?

Now, the biddy is back in all the glory Hollywood denied her, starring in a one-man, one-piano tour de force: MISS GULCH RETURNS!

In this unforgettable metaphorical musical, Miss Gulch gives us the dirt. She lays her soul bare — and yours if you dare. She sings (at last!). She belts a mean tune (what other kind?). The role of Miss Gulch is performed by multiple Big Easy award-winner Bob Edes Jr., accompanied at the piano by Jim Walpole. MISS GULCH RETURNS! is presented by Running With Scissors.

So turn off your cell phones, turn Judy’s picture to the wall, turn up the volume, and welcome to the wit and wisdom of Miss Gulch, your “entertainesse extraordinaire!”

MISS GULCH RETURNS! is written by Fred Barton and stars Bob Edes Jr. as Almira Gulch, with Jim Walpole on piano. Performances run Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from October 18 – 22 at Mid-City Theatre, 3540 Toulouse Street, New Orleans. Showtimes are 8pm Fridays and Saturdays and 6pm Sundays, with tickets priced at $25 (Fri & Sat) and $20 (Sun). To make your reservation, please call 504-488-1460 or visit

PLEASE NOTE: the opening night performance on Friday, October 18 is hosted by the Mystic Krewe of Satyricon. For tickets to that show only, please call 504-252-5476 or visit

Hell’s Belles: Held Over Through June 29!

HELL'S BELLES, extended through June 29!Holy samolians: HELL’S BELLES has been held over through June 29! That means you’ve got two more chances to see Running With Scissors’ original comedy that the critics are raving about!

As a special treat, company member Richard Read will appear in the role of Major Ashley Wood for the final two performances on June 28 and 29. Richard is usually reluctant to set foot onstage, so as one of our cast members put it, “this is like someone offering you a chance to spot a unicorn”. Which would be a fair assessment, if only unicorns looked like beardy gay guys paralyzed by stage fright.

Come see the hilarity at Mid-City Theatre! You can purchase tickets by clicking here or by calling 504-488-1460.

We’ll see you at the show!

Hell’s Belles

HELLS-BELLES-front-webKyle Daigrepont, Yvette Hargis, Jack Long, Brian Peterson, Lisa Picone, and Dorian Rush star in Running With Scissors’ HELL’S BELLES

June 7 – 23 at Mid-City Theatre
3540 Toulouse Street
Tickets: $20 – $25 at or 504-488-1460

Note: Our opening performance on Friday, June 7 is hosted by the Mystic Krewe of Satyricon! For tickets to that show only, please call 504-252-5476.

Join Running With Scissors as they travel back in time to the Civil War, to the crumbling, dilapidated mansion that houses the French Finishing School for Little Confederate Women. Once a font of gentility and etiquette, it’s now little more than a reform school, chock-full of the bawdiest, cattiest, downright orneriest gals (Kyle Daigrepont, Lisa Picone, Dorian Rush) the South has ever seen, lorded over by spinster sisters Flossie and Fannie French (Brian Peterson, Yvette Hargis)!

Into their midst stumbles a seemingly innocent Union soldier (Jack Long), wounded at a nearby battle. He’s taken in and nursed, but what will all those women do with him when he’s well enough to walk again? Will he make it out alive? Will they? HELL’S BELLES is Southern Gothic at its sassiest.

(Fun fact: HELL’S BELLES was inspired by the 1971 Clint Eastwood film, THE BEGUILED, which was filmed just upriver from New Orleans at Ashland Belle-Helene plantation!)

HELL’S BELLES runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 6pm from June 7 – 23. Tickets are $25 on Fridays and Saturdays, and $20 on Sundays. Reserve yours today by visiting or calling 504-488-1460.